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Tailoring and Alterations


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Men's Tailoring & Alterations

Find the fit that you need for your pants, shorts, jeans, business shirts, jackets, suits - whatever you may need for that perfect fit. We provide excellent customer service and will listen to your needs in order to give you that great fit.


Discover the difference of Tri State Tailoring and Alterations.

Repairs & Reconstruction

If you have a garment that represents your style and tastes, we can help you get that perfect fit or repair any damage. We can repair zippers, rip, tears, and seams so that your piece is reinforced and ready to enjoy again.


You may have a garment you love but the fit is all wrong - we can help you with that too! We'll tailor it to fit or reconstruct the form. Wear your item with the confidence knowing you have a custom fit!

Expert Service

• Designer Coats, Jackets & Suits

• Shirts, Trousers, Shorts & Jeans

• Alterations, Tailoring & Repairs Of Any Kind

• Seams, Rip, Tears, & Zippers

• Complete Reconstruction Of Any Garment  

• And much more!

• Affordable pricing!


Elite service and affordability for men's tailoring and alterations.

Call us - we'd love to hear from you!